LB Thinking Podcast: Do energy and material sectors hold promise? 

Brian Dress, director of research at Left Brain Investment Research, discusses how the firm tracks exchange-traded funds as a way of gauging trends across industries and as the market has been going through its current rotation, the ETFs have been confirming positive trends for energy and materials companies.Dress notes that exploration and production companies and pipeline firms are particularly well-positioned right now, pointing out that oil and energy currently hold about half of their normal weighting in the Standard and Poor's 500 but that they could quickly recoup that lost ground.

LB Thinking Podcast: Rising rates, higher inflation are changing the look of 'growth' 

Noland Langford, Chief Executive Officer at Left Brain Investment Research, says that changing economic conditions are forcing investors to re-evaluate growth, noting that higher interest rates require a discounting of future cash flows, dropping valuations. That translates into a changing of the portfolio, where investors need to focus on issues that have potential longer-run growth, and backing away from some of the hot growth winners from 2021.