Left Brain Thinking is our bi-monthly podcast hosted by Chuck Jaffe. On Left Brain Thinking, members of our investment team share insights with the audience, which we gain through our analysts’ reports and from our proprietary security evaluation application, Jarvis.

LB Thinking Podcast: Growth investors should use high-yield and muni bonds amid rate-hike times. 

Noland Langford, chief executive at Left Brain Investment Research says that with the Federal Reserve poised to hike interest rates several times this year, growth-oriented investors can find the right kind of "action" in corporate bonds and tax-free municipal bonds. He is expecting yields of up to 4 percent on munis and says the corporate bonds can be purchased at discounted prices now, but with intermediate maturities that should have them paying off shortly after the rate-cycle ends. Langford also talks about the benefits of making Roth IRA conversions now, as investors consider their tax picture.

LB Thinking Podcast: Factor growth and inflation into 'the 4% rule for retirement savings. 

Freddy Garcia, vice president for investments at Left Brain Wealth Management, says that the classic '4 percent rule' created by financial-planning legend William Bengen needs to be adjusted in times like what we are seeing now, with rising inflation and the growth outlook for the market changing. Garcia says the rule can work as intended -- designed to determine the size a nest egg should be to last a lifetime -- but only when it is managed to reflect market conditions that can impact long-term returns.