Left Brain Thinking is our weekly appearance on Chuck Jaffe’s Money Life Show, a daily investing podcast.  On Left Brain Thinking, members of our investment team share insights with the audience, which we gain through our analysts’ reports and from our proprietary security evaluation application, Jarvis.

Left Brain Thinking: Salesforce.com (CRM) now represents GARP

Director of Research, Brian Dress, discussion on Salesforce.com (CRM) growth at a reasonable price 

Left Brain Thinking: Growth Rotates to Commodities, Retail

Noland discusses the rotation out of growth stocks and potentially into Commodities and Retail.

Brian Dress: How Left Brain approaches investing in the face of short-term market dips

Director of Research Brian Dress joined Chuck Jaffe on the Left Brain Thinking podcast this week to discuss how the firm repositions its investment strategy in markets undergoing volatility caused by sector rotation

Brian Dress on how Energy Transfer (ET) is a bond-like equity despite dividend cut

Director of Research, Brian Dress, discusses Energy Transfer (ET) is a bond-like equity despite dividend cut. Learn more at https://leftbrainir.com $ET 

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