Left Brain Wealth Management Launches Flagship Mutual Fund: Left Brain Compound Growth Fund (LBCGX)

Chicago, IL, May 27, 2021– With a solid track record of growth in its Wealth Management Division and Capital Appreciation Fund, Left Brain Wealth Management is pleased to announce the launch of its first ever mutual fund:

The Left Brain Compound Growth Fund (LBCGX).

Aimed at introducing investors to dynamic growth opportunities, the fund has a minimum investment of $5,000.00, enabling investors access to Left Brain’s investment process with a relatively low capital commitment, along with the opportunity to become familiar with the Left Brain approach to long-term investing.

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Naperville Man Leaves Corporate World, Establishes His Own Investment Business

Noland Langford spent about 15 years in the investment industry before he decided it was time to launch his own investment and wealth management business.

“It was time to hang my own shingle and start my own firm,” said Langford, who started Left Brain Wealth Management in Naperville about 21 months ago.

The focus of his business is to help clients with 401(K)s, IRAs, portfolio management, investment strategies, planning for college and retirement income.

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American Airlines and other capital appreciation high flyers - listen to Noland Langford’s chat with Chuck Jaffe on MoneyLife

MarketWatch columnist, Chuck Jaffe, recently welcomed Noland Langford on his long-running investment radio show, MoneyLife, to share insight on how Left Brain Capital Management’s multi-factor investment approach differs from peers, unearths a vibrant range of opportunities with solid upside potential and has guided the firm to two of its high-conviction stock positions – Health Equity and American Airlines.
Throughout the conversation, Noland presented a range of original – and sometimes contrarian – investment views that reflect the firm’s onus on selecting only the companies that offer the strongest capital appreciation potential. October 18, 2016

Chuck Jaffe: “American [Airlines] has been the one airline that we have not heard from people about on the show. I’ve had experts who have come to me and say Delta or Southwest or United….you’re the first one in a long time to say anything about American. I’m curious – is it your favorite because your metrics bring you to [stocks] that are a little more out of favor [than others]?” Noland Langford: “Management interests are aligned…the firm put their money where its mouth is with a $3 billion share buyback and, unlike other carriers, American does not hedge their fuel costs so if fuel costs are low, they are going to get the biggest uptick…there’s enough room to raise the dividends and the shares are trading cheaply. You have tailwinds from multiple areas.”