Left Brain Thinking Podcast: Upstart Holdings' growth path is here to stay.

Madhu Chaudhary, Investment Analyst, discusses Upstart Holdings' and why they are here to stay.

Left Brain Thinking Podcast: Dealing with a Bond Market Where "5% is the New 8%."

Noland Langford, CEO and CIO, talks about dealing with a bond market where, as he points out, "5% is the new 8%." With the annual coupon income of the average high yield bond dropping to roughly 5%, it has become extremely difficult to identify securities that will provide investors with the income they need. Left Brain has been digging deep to find suitable opportunities for income investors, as they work to navigate the low interest rate environment that is relentlessly compressing bond yields.

Noland speaks about 2 actionable income opportunities on this week's Left Brain Thinking podcast. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe. Drop a comment if you found the podcast interesting. We love listener feedback!